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Hire a Search Engine Doctor

Yes, Search Engine Doctor can help you with Search Engine problems!

Search3w was founded in 2001, by search methodologies visionary Elchanan Rotstain known to the world as "The Search Engine Doctor", who awarded for research in Weizmann Institute of Science, developed the first search engine framework and led Start-up Company for new E-Commerce technology. Mr. Rotstain is a member at SEMPO Research Committee and doing university research with Ph.Ds across the globe.

Our senior search engines engineers know precisely how Google, Yahoo & MSN systems work, and how to tune them to our client favorable results.

Let the Search3w doctors put their expertise to work for you. Just provide us with the following information and you will receive a message confirming that you have been added to the Waiting List.
Note: All Search3w products are subject to the Acroterion Inc. Terms and Conditions.

A confirmation message will be sent to you via email.


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Issues that Search Engine Doctor can helps you with:

  1. WebSite banning by Google, Yahoo or MSN.
  2. Sandbox and positioning/indexing problems.
  3. AdWords and Pay Per Click Advertising.
  4. Search engine problems.
  5. How to make Authority website?
  6. Legal advice with Search Engines Laws.
  7. Search engine penalties.
  8. NLP natural language processing and morphological analysis.
  9. GoogleBot, Slurp, MSNbot, and other spider bots.
  10. Google advertising.

What types of questions will NOT be answered by the doctor?

Search3w Search Engines staff will not answer medical, or financial questions. As well, library staff will not answer personal questions, give legal advice, or offer opinions.

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