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Protected: How to get PageRank 9 (nine) with one little effort #4

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Protected: How to increase ranking with one little effort #3

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I’m Feeling Lucky (how to increase ranking with one little effort #2)

Want some easy Google credits? No problem.

I believe that Google is counting how many people are using the “I’m Feeling Lucky” option. Technically it’s very simple as the core search engine needs to redirect you to the first position in its results set, so it “clicks” in your behalf on this organic listing. So now that it knows the URL, why not to save it to a database and give higher ranking score for more frequent “luckiers”? It’s simple as that!

What do do?

Search for a keyword that placing your website on the first Google spot (organic only, no compass or AdWords) and open a fresh Google search screen. Use the keyword you’ve found and click on the “I’m Feeling Lucky”. That’s it. If you have Google Toolbar (you don’t? Get it right away here (feature list) and opt it out to show PageRank) use it as your first choice.

Feeling Lucky!


What should I do if my keyword search is not found on the first position? 
Search for your company name plus the keyword. (E.g new york movers flatrate)

One Warning - Don’t get carried away! It is not a good idea to exceed a too much clicks a day from you and your employees, friends, or your clients who love you.


AdSense and AdWords under the hood

This is a message I have received today from Google: 


Thank you for your email.We understand that you wish to receive specific information regarding the invalid clicks we observed on your account. However, due to the proprietary nature of our algorithm, we cannot disclose any details about how our monitoring technology works or what specifics we found on your account.If, in the future, you suspect that invalid clicks may have resulted from a visitor to your site, we suggest that you review your site’s logs for any suspicious activity and notify us with your findings. This information can help us in resolving any issues, although as outlined in our Terms and Conditions (, Google will use its sole discretion when determining instances of invalid clicks.Sincerely,The Google AdSense Team   

Today we’ll disclose some of the AdSense and AdWords algorithm facts. The best way to describe such a complex system is by using graphs. No more words, there you go:  


AdSense and AdWords Diagram - Click here to download full diagram [PDF 2.08 MB]


Click here to download full diagram [PDF 2.08 MB]



Web Awareness - The secret ingredient in Google formula

What is Web Awareness?

Web Awareness represents the number of search results for searching your domain, company or brand name. Use “.com” or full brand name if your name is too broad (e.g. ice). In the following sample Flatrate Movers web awareness score is 116,000.

web awareness sample

Is it useful?

This is a very useful way to compare competitors. Let’s build quick excel sheet and drop the information in. As you can see the graph indeed reflects the company’s size. You can also compare branches, locations or divisions in your firm using Web Awareness techniques! For instance we can compare flatrate los angeles (1,130,00) against flatrate Miami (75,700) and flatrate Florida (131,000). What do you think now? Is it useful for Google relevancy system or not?

competitors web awareness excel

How do I increase my Web Awareness?

It’s very simple to increase Web Awareness if you will follow these steps:

  1. Using AdWords
  2. Using affiliate programs like CJ and LinkShare
  3. Banners
  4. Local search
  5. Mentioning brand name on every single page of your website
  6. Using CitySearch and other directories
  7. Writing Press Releases
  8. Writing articles

Download this excel sheet


Google Algorithm and Axiomatic Set Theory

 Warning. Skip this post if you hate mathematics.  

Can we learn about Google algorithm by applying Inverse Mapping techniques? In the absence of tangible evidence, Google algorithm is assumed to be a black box. The black box can either be a proprietary software package or a stand-alone code (mostly it is).  An inverse mapping is a function whose kernel can be inferred from its image.  An example of this is a recursive function such as Fibonacci sequence.  In our case, however, the black box is not an inverse mapping.  The initial condition, X=FUNCTION(N,Y=1), and the kernel, are insufficient to infer the corresponding values of N. Therefore, the knowledge of different ordinate pairs (X,Y) are insufficient to deduce N.

Okay, so what do I want to prove now?

Using Axiomatic Set Theory and Inverse Mapping I want to prove:

    1. Google, and any other Mainframe based search engine cannot spider and index the entire net.
    2. You have no chance to know how exactly they works.
    3. They (Google, MSN, Yahoo) don’t know themselves how exactly it works.

The theory in one leg

Since its inception, there have been some mathematicians who have objected to using set theory as a foundation for mathematics, claiming that it is just a game which includes elements of fantasy. Though the axioms of set theory are fairly straightforward, they form the basis for several branches of mathematics including Algebra, Topology, Category Theory, etc.
[Read more about Axiomatic Set Theory] ; [Read more about Inverse Functions]

However, most of the work on set theory is done in Zermelo-Fraenkel (ZF) set theory. In this picture Ernst Zermelo 1871-1953 (left) and Adolf Fraenkel 1891-1965 (right).


Zermelo Fraenkel Set Theory

It’s axioms are as follows (source: Aron Wall):

The above shows a top set (red) containing blue sets, with each blue set containing green/purple sets, which are assumed to be all be different. The Axiom of Choice says you can always find a set containing exactly set from each of the blue sets, even with an infinity of blue sets or green sets. The purple sets in the above diagram form a choice set. Here are some other ways to state the axiom of Choice:

  • For any two cardinalities, either one is bigger, or they are equal. For this to be violated, you need a choice situation like above with no choice set, and then the number of B’s will be incomparable with the number of x’s. One would think there would be more x’s, but that requires there to be an x for every B. You would have to be able to choose a specific one for each B– the Axiom of Choice.
  • Every set is well orderable. You can prove that any infinite set can be divided into an infinite number of well orderable pieces each smaller than the infinite set. But you need the Axiom of Choice to do this “all the way down” and get a well ordered set.


Today’s search engines are bunch of huge programming code running on huge mainframes (OK, call it “datacenters”) with numberless patches on it. They’re using recursive functions which produce chaotic results that even their engineers cannot tame and put in relevant order.  Developing a new search engine is MUST. Meanwhile if you’re running a SEO business, just stick to the white hat things and get points for the parts in the formula we do knows.

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Spell checkers and Morphological Analysis

Current search engines are utilizing morphological analyzers in their code and are very interesting to discuss about. In this typo example Google “understands” that Geoge Bush is equal to George Bush, see number 2 below. This is exactly what Morphological Analysis is all about . It also found a page with the typo itself. In few days search engines will show you this page as well :)

Google Spell Checker


Spell checkers today are very powerful and include morphological analyzers themselves, but leave it to the users to decide and select how to continue when morphological problem occur. However the paid search engines (Google AdWords, Yahoo Overture, etc.) have to make automatic spontaneous decisions and absolutely utilize embed morphological analyzers.   



Google Health - A Vertical Search?

Apparently Google has vertical search now, at least for the health arena and search for anything health related. The results page gives users the option to narrow down or filter to produce desired results.  For example, I searched for Tylenol and it let me choose from various options including:  uses, side effects, symptoms, interactions and alternative medicine.  Clicking on “From medical establishment/authorities” gives even more options.

Google health screenshot

Clicking on a refine link shows you a new Google command syntax, or ”operators“. Interesting enough the health, or the “more” operator is not listed in its lists :)   

Tylenol more:drug_side_effects


My opinion: 

Basically, Google Health is what I expected — an enhanced way to search for health related material, but not really a vertical search engine.  I like the service as it reminds me of a great product called — a vertical search engine that was designed to help users find health related content. As long as Google remains huge mainframe with many spider problems he can’t really approach the vertical search market.

Liked this post?

Send me a comment if you like to have more like this. I like to post some more “Google Uncover” topics in the future in the areas of:

    1. Google command syntax and its operators
    2. Vertical search
    3. Google spiderbot uncovered


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