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Searchability and Usability

Searchability is the art of getting traffic to your website. Usability is the art of keeping them around and turn them into buyers.  

Posted on June, 21, 2006

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Dynamic versus static web pages optimization

The choice between static and dynamic when building software for the web is a critical one, and one that I think deserves in-depth discussion. In

Posted on June, 12, 2006

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Eric Schmidt, Google CEO: An IPO is not on my agenda right now

GOOGLE is to put its keenly awaited multibillion-dollar flotation on the back burner, dashing hopes of a springtime fee bonanza on Wall Street, The Ti

Posted on June, 29, 2004

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Yahoo dumps Google to use Inktomi search engine

Internet media company Yahoo Inc. on Wednesday said it was switching to its own Web search technology and dropping its use of competitor Google Inc.

Posted on February, 18, 2004

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