When it's all done, it's not about SEO. It's about your business and your goals. After the first three months of the Search3w natural search campaign.
No matter how famous and unique, our business competes in a arena where margins are tight. And what matters is the cost control.... to make money in a tight margin business, you have to get closer to 100%, without increasing advertising costs. That was Search3w's challenge to us, so pay-per-click was out of the question. We had to achieve top-ten natural search positioning.

When we began, searches on www.fantasylandhotel.com most important keywords did not achieve even third page results, much less top ten. Their visibility on their major keywords was not good as it expected to be. So our goal was obvious: Elchanan team needed to achieve top-ten results on their most important keywords. We targeted to achieve 50% visibility or better.

After the first three months of the Search3w natural search campaign, results were:
(1) Keyword visibility was at 50% and rising; (2) Our six most important keywords were returning results on the first page of Google, Yahoo! and MSN ; (3) Most important, they had improved the conversion rate!

We achieved all of this on a budget that was less than what we would have spent on one month of pay-per-click campaigning.
Marketing goals were being met.

WEM | Joseph G. Schuldhaus, VP Information Technology, WEM, Edmonton, AB

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