dominate the search engine game.

Five Stars! Fantastic, fantastic results - Search3w got something done that other marketing companies struggled to do - and got it done FAST, for the budget quoted. We had a bit of a special situation and we are grateful beyond words for the fast, professional, efficient service. We'll be using them for all our future SEO needs.

We’d talked to a LOT of SEO companies. We had a very specific task that no one could quite figure out how to make happen. We were getting very discouraged and were about ready to give up. The task that many others said was “impossible” and “a real stretch” was handled by the Search3w team in a matter of weeks. The process with our rep was simple and straightforward.

NorthStar Moving | Angelica Street, CMO

We hired Dr. Rotstain using Silicon Edge Law Group LLP research for the most talented search engine engineer to explore some patent issues. The experience was very good and we will use Search3w services in the future.

LG Electronics | Dongsuk Bae, LGE Intellectual IP, South Korea

Thank you Elchanan for your help with the Ramada Canada campagin. With me being account manager of a digital media company that has increased sales dramatically for some of the most competitive verticals out there I can tell you that Elchanan is a trust worthy and white hat SEO. It is very hard to find a "trust worthy" SEO and PPC company now days or I should say it's hard to tell who is legit if your not experienced with it. You will get companies that will guarantee you top rankings for $X amount of dollars, but from my business experience and business relations with Elchanan I can tell you that he is not one of them con-artist.

Rogers Media | MAGI communications (now Rogers Media)

I wanted to express how wonderful it has been working with search3w. Elchanan has been a god sent to our company, all requests are turned around within 24hrs and implemented. I worked with Techwyse prior to being introduced to search3w and I was very unhappy with the results they provided. Thank you Elchanan for your continued support and assistance in increasing my companies visibility.

Goldberg Medical Centre | Christine Paggos, Clinic Manager

Survey conducted by The Ryerson university, Ted Rogers School of Management: Search3w team beat all of our prior attempts to generate larger sales. Search3W allowed us to be higher on Google rankings and drove customer awareness to our firm's webpage.

Ryerson University | Ryerson University, Ted Rogers School of Management. Toronto, ON

Elchanan is a magician in SEO. He knows it all. He does exactly what he promises within the time frame.

FlatRate | Eric Klepar, CTO - FlatRate Moving and Storage

When it's all done, it's not about SEO. It's about your business and your goals. After the first three months of the Search3w natural search campaign.
No matter how famous and unique, our business competes in a arena where margins are tight. And what matters is the cost control.... to make money in a tight margin business, you have to get closer to 100%, without increasing advertising costs. That was Search3w's challenge to us, so pay-per-click was out of the question. We had to achieve top-ten natural search positioning.

When we began, searches on most important keywords did not achieve even third page results, much less top ten. Their visibility on their major keywords was not good as it expected to be. So our goal was obvious: Elchanan team needed to achieve top-ten results on their most important keywords. We targeted to achieve 50% visibility or better.

After the first three months of the Search3w natural search campaign, results were:
(1) Keyword visibility was at 50% and rising; (2) Our six most important keywords were returning results on the first page of Google, Yahoo! and MSN ; (3) Most important, they had improved the conversion rate!

We achieved all of this on a budget that was less than what we would have spent on one month of pay-per-click campaigning.
Marketing goals were being met.

WEM | Joseph G. Schuldhaus, VP Information Technology, WEM, Edmonton, AB

Have been working with search3w for many years now. They are professional, responsible, reliable and tops in their fields. Pricing is extremely fair as well. They are amazing to work with and will do the very best for your business

Moishe’s Moving & Storage | Marc Alhanaty, VP Sales & Marketing

It is nice to find a SEO guy that actually knows how the system really works. So many SEO people cheat our clients and it makes us crazy.
I would like to thank Search3w Software, especially Mr. Rotstain CEO, for providing a solution in our search-engine positioning needs. Your efforts have assisted ICE.COM achieving top-ten positioning within 3 pace months, even with Google! We contacted several companies and spent money for nothing. Those "optimization" or "submission" services did not diagnose search problems and therefore they failed. Definitely Mr. Rotstain is "the search-engines doctor", I guarantee that any company working with Search3w will not be disappointed. | Shmuel Gniwisch, CEO

"Great SEO" Great Results, Expert, High Integrity - The best SEO guy in the business. Double my sales

Bling Jewelry | Elena Castaneda, owner, Bling Jewelry. New York, NY

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