How to have a good rank in alexa?

Alexa ranking is not important; do not pay attention to Alexa, its very inaccurate. How Alexa works is it calculates by the people who have the Alexa toolbar, so if 5% of web users have the Alexa toolbar installed, and 10 people visit your website running the Alexa toolbar, Alexa will report that you got 200 visitors.

Increase ALEXA ranking is easy as A to E.

a. What: Download Alexa toolbar and install it.

b. Who: You, your developer, friends at home, office, etc.

c. How: use this toolbar for your daily work. Just search for a page where you can find yourself there (like searching your domain), and click on the results.

d. When: use this toolbar for 2 months few times a day as prescribed.

e. Why: that’s how silly Alexa works