OBS site search product

Note: OBS is now Refyn.

“The future is now” for web marketing search-ability & usability. Search3w’s OBS site search product improves your site’s search-ability and usability, enabling you to capture and convert website visitors more effectively. For many companies, a 1% increase in visitor conversions can result in millions of dollars more in revenue each year.

As a website owner/manager, your biggest challenge in 2010 will be to find the most effective search and usability products, and then utilize them to stay ahead of the competition.

Our answer to this challenge is the OBS site search product.

The following are some features of the OBS site search product:

  • To the point results
  • Aggregates data from trusted sites
  • Intuitive (e.g. understands that AdWords means PPC)
  • Converts searchers into buyers – you can easily generate tactical visitor conversions by driving visitors to the actions/pages/places you choose
  • Adaptive & intuitive learning system – OBS is an innovative solution based on artificial intelligence techniques. It self-configures its database and responds to visitors’ activities in accordance with their previous behavior.
  • Built-in SEO (OBS improves SEO results by indexing keywords/phrases that match popular site searches)
  • One of Refyn’s feature is SEO boost by enriching the list of words Google know about the website.
    We’re doing it by creating dynamic (changes every minute, hit CTRL-R to see the total number) Aggregated History Data >>