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Printer Friendly Pages Builder / Generator

The choice between static and dynamic when optimizing a website is a critical one.

The leading search engines serve well over 5 million people each day. A substantial number of these people are shopping online - searching for your products or services. If your page is number 500 on Google's list, you won't be found. Clearly, it's critical for any company selling or advertising online to have a strong presence in Internet Search Engine results. Printer Friendly Pages Software is Acroterion's novel proprietary technology that enables an entire website to be indexed by all the search engines, and to achieve the top search results ranking. Our new spider makes it possible, for the first time, to simultaneously crawl multiple pages in an optimized website while maintaining W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) standards of accessibility. We're doing that by converting your dynamic website into a static one. Learn more about static pages.

Issues that Acroterion's Printer Friendly Pages helps you with: 
  • Generate printable web pages on your server disk, NOT on the fly.
  • Generates relevant content, so the search engines can index it easily.
  • Apply 20 rules for search engines relevancy algorithm.
  • Achieve more back links, but with no efforts made.
  • Top Ten Optimization on Google for thousands of keyword combinations.
  • More accessibility equal more sales.
How does it work?

Just provide us with your site template and run the software. Once Printer Friendly Setup has finished we will provide you with "Printer Friendly" link that you place on every site page (you can do it once in the footer.asp, footer.php, etc).
This is how the dynamic page looks before using Printer Friendly software:

Printer Friendly SEO Results: 

After adding the "Print this page" link, the page will look like this

Click for more info A Few weeks later... Top positioning for the term three diamond circle earring was achieved !
Stop Giving Your Profits To Pay-Per-Click (adwords, adcenter, overture) Search Engines! 

Does this software come on a CD-ROM?

No. Printer Friendly Pages Solution is a web service that improves your website's visibility on the major search engines like Google, Yahoo and MSN.  Printer Friendly Pages Solution helps your target audience find your products even when what they are looking for is hidden in a dynamic web page that is inaccessible to the search engine's crawlers.

Is it a gateway page, doorway, mirror site or another SEO trick that will get me banned by Google?

Not at all. Printer Friendly Pages Solution builds optimized websites that meet the US General Services Administration's accessibility requirements. Visit the official GSA Section 508 site for more details.

How much will this cost?

Our charge for the Printer Friendly Pages Software is $200 US per month. You can cancel the service after the first three months (and take away the results) or at anytime later if we are not meeting your expectations.

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