Search3w Doodle Canada Day & Fourth of July

Every year on July first, Canada Day receives tribute from a Google Doodle shown to every searcher around the world. Canada has large presence in Googles Doodles see this huge list of doodles that were about Canada or Canadians. Most recently there have been a few Canadian Doodles about soccer world cup.

Search3w proud to pronounce its own “searchwdoodle” (pronounce “Strudel”).

We at Search3w celebrating Canada Day and Fourth of July because we have Canadian and USA locations.

Credit to Talya Rotstain for the graphic (to see full image click here).

This was Google’s Canada Day message:

From Victoria to St. John’s, Iqaluit to Point Pelee, today is a time of celebration for the world’s second-largest country. Today’s Doodle, depicting the Bay of Fundy’s distinctive Hopewell Rocks, honors the 152nd anniversary of “Dominion Day,” a holiday commemorating Canada’s formation through the union of three British colonies. In 1982, the bilingual nation gained full independence from the UK, and the holiday was officially renamed Fête du Canada, or Canada Day.

For many Canadians, this festive occasion begins with a traditional pancake breakfast, topped with classic maple syrup. Most towns and cities organize parades and fireworks displays. In the capital city of Ottawa, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police’s Musical Ride performs an intricately choreographed equestrian routine during a sunset flag-lowering ceremony the night before Canada Day, which culminates with a group performance of “O Canada,” the national anthem.

In the provinces of Newfoundland and Labrador, July 1st is also Memorial Day, a tribute to the troops who took part in the Battle of the Somme during World War I. Flags fly at half-mast in the morning in honor of their sacrifices before the fête commences.

Joyeux Fête du Canada!