Google Guaranteed

We Will Get You the Google Guaranteed Badge


Have you tried the Google Guaranteed Program?

You may be a plumber, locksmith, welder, carpenter, or any other handyman(*) and your listing just got suspended.

It is more common than you think. The instances of fraudulent and ‘shady’ handymen(*) have become far too common in the past few years. Therefore, Google rolled out its Google Guaranteed program. We, at Search3w, can help you both with getting your Google My Business listing suspension removed and making you a Google Guaranteed handyman(*).

Our ties to Google are deep (We are a Google Premium Partner), we will work on making you a Google Guaranteed member ASAP. As a Google Guaranteed member, say goodbye to the endless amount of suspensions and scrutiny by Google regarding your business listing. Let us help make your Google listing a VIP in Google’s eyes!


Removing suspensions

Getting your listing suspended is a serious blow to the online presence of your business. It gets even more frustrating when you have to navigate the labyrinth of Google’s list of policies that you don’t understand at all. It is unwise to try to remove your suspension without professional help.

At Search3w, we provide exactly that kind of help. We have an in-depth knowledge of all the metrics that Google uses in verifying and suspending sites. Our professionals are in touch with Google on a regular basis and understand the finer details that few other SEO companies would ever know in their lifetime.

It’s not for no reason that we are one of Google’s Premium Partners and have close to 2 decades of experience in understanding their algorithms in depth.


Why Search3w?

If being a Google Premium Partner, with a budget of $1 million is not enough for you, here are a few other reasons to consider:

1. Our professionals are regularly in touch with Google – Yes, we are directly talking to Google pros to get your listings unsuspended!

2. We have in-depth knowledge of Google’s algorithm – This enables us to understand what went wrong with your listing even before we get in touch with Google.

3. Our knowledge extends into the finer details – There is a saying, “The devil is in the details” and we clearly know what that means. We check for reasons and metrics that are truly out of the box.

4. We have a proven track record – We have numerous clients from various business categories that we have helped remove their suspensions and get them on board with a Google Guaranteed badge!

Participation in some Google business programs now requires passing more stringent quality checks and screening by Google. The list of checks to be completed varies among the different business categories. They are usually free of charge and require multiple background, insurance, and license checks to validate the business. Failing to prove that the company is licensed, bonded, and screened can result in a quick suspension of your Google MyBusiness listing. This means that your potential clients will not be able to search for you on Google. Some businesses like Locksmiths, also need to undergo an Advanced Verification in order to weed out anyone with fraudulent intentions.  The check includes inquiries into business registration validity and evidence of fraudulent or misleading business practices.

At Search 3W, we will help you navigate the maze of policies, background checks, and verification in a professional way. Our team of experts, which is regularly in touch with Google on a daily basis can resolve all your issues caused due to suspensions by Google and get you on a fast track to becoming a Google Guaranteed member.


(*) Who’s Eligible to run Local Services Ads?

USA: Appliance Repair Service; Auto Service Technician; Carpet Cleaner; Electrician; Estate Lawyer; Event Planner; Financial Planner; Garage Door Pro; HVAC Pro; House Cleaner; Immigration Lawyer; Junk Removal Provider; Lawn Care Provider; Locksmith; Mover; Pest Control Technician; Pet Care Provider; Pet Groomer; Photographer; Plumber; Real Estate Agent; Roofer; Tree Service Provider; Tutor; Water Damage Service Provider; Window Cleaner; Window Service Provider

CANADA:  Electrician; HVAC Pro; Locksmith; Plumber


Search3w’s Google Partner status allows us to quickly and directly communicate with Google’s team to resolve your issues.