Transparency, because it works!


Our Story

Founded in 2002 by Elchanan Rotstain (Linkthis Bio), Search3W is a company specializing in fixing search engine problems faced by companies and increasing website rankings for them. From our humble beginnings, we have grown to a team of world-class software engineers, social media specialists, algorithm scientists, and analytics leaders. With 11 employees and 3 locations, we help clients located all over the world to achieve their business goals through digital media. Our mission is to provide our clients with guaranteed long-term results with any type of problem they have no matter their background. We pride ourselves in our transparency and our expertise in helping our clients generate the results that they deserve. The testimony provided by some of our biggest clients speaks for itself. We’re dedicated to thinking outside the box and proving the impossible, possible. As a professional company, we pride ourselves foremost in our transparency while dealing with our clients and solving their problems. Nothing is ever hidden from the customer and they are never kept in the dark in regards to how our SEO methods will profit their businesses. This is the success story behind Search3W that makes us a cut above the rest.

Our Experience

Over the past 2 decades, we have worked with a wide range of companies and have built a portfolio of success stories. Whether you are an agricultural co-operative in the deserts of Israel or a multi-billion dollar Fortune 500 corporation having international locations, we got you covered. More than that, we understand your business needs as relating to your niche and we help you further build and improve upon your competitors. We never use shortcuts and implement the same SEO practices that we do for our own company. The focus is on long-lasting results that keep giving results years down the line. If you want to be part of the elite club of clients that have the best SEO practices implemented for themselves, then look no further than Search3W.


About The CEO

Elchanan Rotstain is one of the world’s leading search theorists with experience developing the most advanced search technologies in the world. He is also known by his alias in the Search Engine world as the “Search Engine Doctor.” Elchanan is a top researcher and author of a thesis about searching methodologies that were used to build the first search engine frameworks. Currently, he is developing a complex set of tools that will revolutionize how websites are perceived by search engines. He has pioneered research in the field of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning, Voice Search and Conversion Optimization.


Elchanan Rotstain was one of the few engineers who worked on the Dublin Core project which is currently the widely known "". He also wrote a thesis about different search methodologies which granted him a research award from the Weizmann Institute.


In 2014 Elchanan's new crawler project received a major Science R&D grant from the Government of Canada. In 2015, Search3w developed the CQS - Content Quality Score product which calculates 12 factors to determine the quality of a web page using machine learning. This project was patented in 2016 and is currently undergoing development.

Author & Speaker

He is an internationally acclaimed search engine expert who some years ago became known as “The Search Engine Doctor" and a guest speaker at UofA School of Business and MacEwan University. Mr. Rotstain's work has been published in and eGovernment Resource Centre.

Our Team

Elchanan Rotstain
Elchanan’s ideology is simple. Search3 has no Customer Relations Software, “account managers,” and other junior clerks to make sure that you go nowhere with your call. You can speak with the CEO himself, or any of the other senior managers anytime.
Social Media Lead
David has been in the online marketing world since 1999 working closely with Fortune 100 companies to expand their brand through the world of social media.
Public Media
Graduated from Bar-Ilan University mastered in Prof. Feuerstein method of intelligence and meta-cognition. Feuerstein developed the systems of structural cognitive modifiability and cognitive mapping.
Web Designer
Designing breath-taking blogs, websites, and eCommerce sites for almost a decade. He has a critical design eye, quick to find what can be fixed and improved upon. With positive reviews from all of Search3w clients, Yeshourun never fails to impress.
Yeshourun's LinkedInYeshourun's InstagramYeshourun Web Design
Yishai Ben Avraham
SEO Specialist
A Network Systems student currently studying for CompTia and Cisco certifications, Yishai brings to the team valuable Content writing experience that he has done for multiple companies and is currently enrolled in learning the tricks of the SEO trade. He is learning PHP Development, ZMOT method, Moz, Brightlocal etc. in order to be a valuable team asset in the future. His background in Content writing extends from short to long form articles and both copy and content writing.
Email AddressLinkedIn page
Norm RothFord
Content Writer
Available for: SEO Writing, Workshop, Editing/Copy-Editing, Manuscript Evaluation, Writing Tutorials, and Curriculum Writing. He has written extensively for SEO content over the years, writing a number of articles and blog posts. Every project includes: (1) Implementing various elements of a client's content marketing strategy as instructed by Project Managers; (2) MOZ keyword exploring; (3) Optimizing current copy on a client's website; (4) Writing new SEO-friendly copy for pages on a client's website; (5) Blog writing and posting; (6) Press release writing
Digital Marketing Specialist
Web & Apps, eCommerce, SEM, SMO Strategy using ZMOT methods.
Yehuda Clinton
Sys Admin
Self taught software developer Since 2015, Yehuda is developing Web applications, Android apps, jQuery programs and Amazon AWS solutions.
Project Manager
Mark is responsible for marketing and new business development for both national and international markets. He is an expert in data-driven, long-term strategic planning, and one of the world’s Online Reputation Management (ORM) experts.
Head of Feline Management
Arthur the Cat provides essential moral support for the Search3W team. Arthur has a PhD in BioCattical Engineering. He is currently working on a product to get rid of all vacuum cleaners.
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