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Our services are managed by experts and our tools are state of the art. Whether you need a boost in ranking or you have been banned from Google, we will find you the perfect solution for your problem. If you have a unique problem regarding search engines, we have you covered too. Contact us now and let us help your business grow!

We Can Help Fix Your Business SEO with:

► Get it Top 3 on Google Maps
► First to read on SIRI, Alexa & Google Assistant
► Fix bad SEO experience
► Fix Poor AdWords Performance
► Fix Your Website to Convert Clicks to Leads/Sales
► Fix Your Amazon Store Performance

Organic SEO

Increase your ranking naturally to create a sustainable high ranking site. By building search engines, we understand in full detail the types of changes that must be made to fully optimize your website to successfully create a high ranking site.

Google Maps

Get to the top in your area and get noticed by the locals. Our service will help you obtain the top 3 ranking in the google map listing by optimizing GPS data, altering Google Maps, and solving technical problems associated with your location.


Increase conversion rate and outbid your competition - money back guarantee. Our service will help you increase quality score, CTR, and conversion rate which will drive income for your business. As Google's premium partner, our direct access to the Google team means better results for you in less time.

Web Design & eCommerce

We have 20 years of professional experience, working for large corporations and small businesses, alike.

We make it a habit to make small businesses into large corporations; from restaurants to technology firms to agriculture, we pride ourselves on our ability to design websites for every field imaginable. Websites are the cornerstone of the contemporary business world, and beautifully designed websites is what we do best.

Top Amazon Ranking

Increase your sales and traffic on Amazon by pushing your product(s) to the top while reducing BSR. We know what keyword(s) people are searching for. We know your competitors, and then optimize your Amazon product listing with those keywords.

Social Media Marketing

We help top fortune 500 businesses to enhance their brand and products on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+. Our social media services begin with developing a customized strategy that is specific to your business and your target audience. Like our custom SEO strategies, a social media strategy must be tailored to your niche, your market and your business in order to be successful. Our professional expertise is understanding your business and your target audience. The key factor to the success of our social media optimization services is building a strong web presence for your business.

Fix Website Conversion

Human psychology and how it affects your customers behaviour is the foundation of professional Internet Marketing. What do consumers need (NOT what your business need)? What make them to convert?

The focus is need and action, and the best marketers paid attention to their marketing and psychology. They have seen through experience that Aristotle’s Seven Causes of Human Action can be directly applied to consumer behavior and online marketing. You’ll never really “get” marketing if you don’t “get” the psychology of needs and the philosophy of actions. Using these techniques, and more, Search3w has the most effective strategies to triple your businesses conversion rate.

Artificial Intelligence

Using government grants Search3w conducted a research project that was accepted to be finalist in NextAI innovation venture.
We have developed new AI (artificial technology), Natural language processing (NLP) and Machine learning technologies from ground that currently in use with search engines.

Using our CAI (Cognitive Artificial Intelligence) software will make a huge impact with your business marketing that require an agile response as it flexes itself to the user and not the user needs to flex himself to the machine (e.g. if SIRI answer makes no sense, one needs to rephrase it). Specifically, just to mention one implementation, the plan is to fix these devices that can understand people with a speech disability and implement it within the Smart Cities project.

Voice Search

How to Improve your site for voice search? SIRI, Google Assistant and Alexa can read only one answer for given question. Will it be your business's answer?

We know how does voice search work. Our CEO was an engineer at the early stages of this project!
Search3w can help to modify your website content to answer those questions so voice search systems understand your products or services and read your offer loudly. It does this using mostly local intelligence, direct input from the internet (Siri and Amazon echo both used Microsoft Bing search engine).

SEO Coaching

Taught by our own CEO who have over 20 years of experience in the industry, this workshop is designed to teach you the tools and processes used in modern search engine optimization. After the workshop, your knowledge in SEO will allow you to successfully maintain a high ranking for your website.

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