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Why kids love google!

By: Hemdah RotstainHi, my name is Hemdah Rotstain, I'm 9 years old, and I'm in grade 4. I'm going to say how it feels for kids like me to use Goo

Posted on May, 10, 2017

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CAREFUL with freelancer.com

CAREFUL with freelancer.com. They just lost my $5000 account because owe of $9.95!Chat support didn't accept my stand that I never signed on membe

Posted on March, 22, 2017

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And the Oscar goes to – La La

And the Oscar goes to - La La (no, no in Arabic) it goes to.. somebody else. Don't let somebody else "steal" your position on Google top 3. Call us!

Posted on February, 28, 2017

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February 2017 Google changed the [AD] icon

February 15th,  2017 Google changed the [AD] icon from green background to white background.It seems to happened only in Canada and not in the US

Posted on February, 16, 2017

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Google will ban unsecured websites “that collect passwords or credit card details”

Google did not say it exactly, but if you read between the lines ("long-term plan to mark all pages") - This is what Google will do, I am 100% sure ab

Posted on February, 13, 2017

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