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Orphaned Pages

What is it? Whenever there is a page on your site that is submitted to Google but has no links to it or from it to anywhere else on the website. Some

Posted on March, 26, 2019

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March 2019 Google Algorithm update

Google stated that they make a broad core update several times a year. On March 13 they announced in a tweet that this update was different then daily

Posted on March, 18, 2019

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Significant improvements with our Ranking Scanning Software

Search3w is pleased to announce significant improvements of its Local Ranking Scanning Software. This new software implemented on our site is top of l

Posted on March, 14, 2019

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Search Engine Solutions for Yahoo Store small business sites

Is Yahoo store not giving you real SEO solutions? Search3w has six years experience with leading Yahoo Store websites, achieving top rankings at Goog

Posted on March, 8, 2019

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Search3w Soft Belly Tactic

Today I will explain how Search3w's famous Soft Belly Tactic is working. We have developed this tactic for some clients asking us to be ranked on

Posted on February, 27, 2019

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