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How to optimize your content for Google’s BERT update

There has been a lot of chatter going on about Google’s BERT update. There are those saying that it affects 10% of all search results in the Un

Posted on November, 14, 2019

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How to manually update your SSL when your hosting does not let auto-renew

Question Some hosting providers intentionally block Let's Encrypt auto-renew feature to encourage you to pay for their premium certificate service.

Posted on November, 1, 2019

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Google My Business stopped service area radius

Most digital marketers I am sure have noticed the notices coming from Google telling them to update service areas. On September 3rd 2019 Google announ

Posted on September, 19, 2019

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Is this the Beginning of the end for Google

Project Veritos In December 2018 Sundar Pichai testified before the White House Judiciary committee and stated: I lead this company without polit

Posted on August, 18, 2019

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Googledev Pagespeed Insights

Many SEO professionals spend a large amount of racing against the Google Pagespeed clock to win favor on Google. Does it work? Is this speed even acc

Posted on August, 13, 2019

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