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How to Improve your site for voice search

How does Voice search work? There are two different steps that a voice search takes to return content. Whether the your voice search is coming from y

Posted on February, 7, 2019

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Do you remember when people used to use film in a camera?

Do you remember the excitement as you tore open the packet containing your Fujicolor or Kodak roll? The nervous tension as you waited to find out how

Posted on February, 5, 2019

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Google fake review

Googles relationship with fake reviews It is a well known secret that the "buy fake reviews" continues to be a thriving economy until this very day.

Posted on January, 31, 2019

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Inside Google Marketing: 3 ways we think about SEO

There are three points Google has recently published about SEO This is a summery of the points with our own commentary. Start Small Embrace c

Posted on January, 28, 2019

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JCON 2019 Upcoming

Search3w will be have a booth at JCON 2019 The 6th annual JCON-eCommerce Expo & Conference is the premier  e-commerce conference of the Tri-Stat

Posted on January, 18, 2019

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