Fix Website Conversion

98% of Website Visitors Leave Without Buying. Why?


Start from the end

Most business owners begin with an idea of a service or product they want to sell online. The problem is that they should really start from the end. They should first observe how money is made online and then search for suitable products or services. Our method uses the opposite logic. We first do a detailed analysis of how sales and conversions are optimized online, and what are the top products/services being sold in the online marketplace. Only after this is completed do we actually focus on selecting the products and services in order to have the optimum number of sales.

This is a normal path to fail in conversions:
Idea, service, product –> Web Design –> SEO –> Amazon or Google Shopping –> Low conversion rate

This is Search3w path to double & triple conversions! (the opposite):
High conversion rate terms and niche –> Amazon or Google Shopping –> SEO –> Web Design


Remarketing and Retargeting

Only 2% of customers will convert right away. Perseverance and long term goals are key!

The majority of our time and effort is spent browsing for information and options (prices, bundles, shipping, etc.). All of these, unfortunately, are very unlikely to result in an immediate purchase. The result of this is wasted effort on the part of business owners who are impatient and only looking for a quick customer and sale to grow their businesses. A better strategy needs to be implemented because a long-term thinking is key here. Brand building efforts and a sharp focus on positioning a business in the minds of consumers should be key.
Re-marketing and re-targeting are the techniques that will remind potential customers of your presence and entice them to return at a later date, all while building brand awareness for your company at the same time.


Don’t be afraid to stand apart from the herd

Just like everything else these days, this is also customizable. The right strategy helps you create and send individualized messages to:

– Those previous clients to whom you wish to up-sale or cross-sale.
– Targeting those who navigated to a particular page on your website before leaving.
– Reaching out visitors who abandoned their shopping cart.
– People who signed up for your newsletter or mailing list.
– Users who spent a considerable amount of time at your site but did not make a purchase.
– Prior visitors who have not returned to your site after a set number of days.