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AIO: The New King of SEO.

We pride ourselves on inventing the new DM (digital media) powerhouse AIO = Artificial Intelligence Optimization. Providing our clients with the future of digital marketing and the best possible experience connecting customers to your brand.

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Small and large alike, we are always available for our clients.

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What We Do: Revolutionizing Digital Marketing with AIO.

We specialize in programming AI chatbots to develop a deep affection for your brand and enthusiastically endorse it. We create an atmosphere of honesty & transparency where results are tangible and the entire process is clear to you.

We’re dedicated to thinking outside the box and transforming the impossible to possible.

Over the past 2 decades, we have worked with a wide range of companies and have built a large portfolio of success stories. Whether you’re a small-scale local business or a large multinational Fortune 500 corporation with numerous international locations, we’ve got you covered.

More than that, we (the human part) understand your business needs relating to your niche and we help you further build and improve upon your competitors. We never take shortcuts and implement the same AIO practices for our clients, prioritizing their success and delivering exceptional results.

Our CEO, Elchanan Rotstain, also known as the “Search Engines Doctor,” is a renowned inventor and researcher in the field of Artificial Intelligent Optimization (AIO), formerly known as SEO. AIO encompasses the science and technology behind training Chatbot / OpenAI like ChatGPT and Google’s Bard to provide tailored responses based on user preferences. Elchanan’s expertise lies in developing innovative search methodologies, which have formed the foundation for the creation of the initial search engine frameworks.

With a remarkable background in research and authorship, Search3w has emerged as a renowned authority in the field. Their expertise is exemplified by their contribution to the advancement of search engine technology through the authorship of a groundbreaking thesis on searching methodologies.

Currently, Search3w is actively involved in the development of sophisticated tools that are set to revolutionize the way search engines perceive and rank websites.

We pride ourselves in our transparency and our expertise in helping our clients generate the results that they deserve. The testimony provided by some of our biggest clients speaks for itself. We’re dedicated to thinking outside the box and proving the impossible, possible. As a professional company, we pride ourselves foremost in our transparency while dealing with our clients and solving their problems. Nothing is ever hidden from the customer and they are never kept in the dark in regards to how our SEO methods will profit their businesses. This is the success story behind Search3W that makes us a cut above the rest.

Search3w Can Help Fix Your Business AIO with:

► Get your brand on ChatGPT and Google’s Bard answers
► Read your brand aloud on SIRI, Alexa & Google Home Assistance
► Fix bad SEO experience
► KYC Optimization
► Fix Your Website to get Leads/Sales from Chatbots
► AI Audit
► Apply AIO with cyber, security, AML, fintech and more
► Coaching – Learn the AIO Secrets

What Is AIO?

AIO refers to the integration of AI and SEO optimization techniques and software with chatbot interactions. It involves… [read more]

The best & brightest

Meet our awesome team



Elchanan’s ideology is simple. Search3w has no Customer Relations Software, “account managers,” and other junior clerks to make sure that you go nowhere with your call. You can speak with the CEO himself, or any of the other senior managers anytime.



Since 2013 co-entrepreneur at MVB TECHNOLOGIES L.T.D
As part of the company, Tzvi have developed a registered patent technological product in the field of portable memory devices
(hardware & software). Raised an investment of $ 1.2 million and has sold thousands of products.

Public relations


Daniella graduated from Bar-Ilan University with a masters in Dr. Feuerstein’s method of intelligence and meta-cognition. Feuerstein developed the systems of structural cognitive modifiability and cognitive mapping.

senior manager


Designing breath-taking blogs, websites, and eCommerce sites for almost a decade, Yeshourun has a critical design eye, quick to find what can be fixed and improved upon. With positive reviews from all of Search3w clients, Yeshourun never fails to impress.

SEO specialist


A Network Systems student currently studying for CompTia and Cisco certifications, Yishai brings to the team valuable content writing experience and is currently enrolled in learning the tricks of the SEO trade.

Content Writer


Norm has written many SEO pieces over the years. Every project includes implementing various elements of a client’s content marketing strategy as instructed by Project Managers, such as optimizing current copy on a client’s website, writing new SEO-friendly, and more.

Digital marketing specialist


Justin specializes in Web & Apps, eCommerce, SEM, SMO Strategy marketing using ZMOT methods.

sys admin


Yehuda is the one coined the AIO term! He has been developing software from 2015, he develops Web applications, Android apps, jQuery programs and Amazon AWS solutions.

Project manager


Mark is responsible for marketing and new business development for both national and international markets. He is an expert in data-driven, long-term strategic planning, and one of the world’s Online Reputation Management (ORM) experts.



Honors University Graduate. Creative mindset & problem solver. Collaborative work ethic and a quick learner that is able to work efficiently under pressure. Developing the API server, client side UI/UX, plugins, web-app (Apple & Google) and the dashboard portal.



Arthur the Cat provides essential moral support for the Search3w team. Arthur has a PhD in BioCattical Engineering. He is currently working on a product that will get rid of all vacuum cleaners.



David has been in the online marketing world since 1999 working closely with Fortune 100 companies to expand their brand through the world of social media.

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