The Seven Causes of Human Action

In this post I will speak about

The Psychology Of Marketing

Human psychology and how it affects your customers behaviour is the foundation of professional Internet Marketing. What do consumers need (NOT what your business need)? What make them to convert?

The focus is need and action, and the best marketers paid attention to their marketing and psychology. They have seen through experience that Aristotle’s Seven Causes of Human Action can be directly applied to consumer behavior and online marketing. You’ll never really “get” marketing if you don’t “get” the psychology of needs and the philosophy of actions.

Aristotle’s Seven Causes of Human Action

One of Aristotle’s greatest concepts is called the seven causes of human action. He wrote:

All human actions have one or more of these seven causes: chance, nature, compulsion, habit, reason, passion, and desire

Aristotle outlined how each of these seven motivators spurs sentient beings to act. By examining them through a marketer’s lens, we gain powerful information about how and why people take action. A call to action is possibly the most crucial element to any great marketing campaign. The next time you’re ready to craft a brilliant marketing campaign, use one or more of Aristotle’s causes to action, and see for yourself if this genius Greek was in fact the first marketing guru.

Is the “About Us” page is Aristotle’s Action?

If you follow me, check your website now, yes now, and ask yourself why the about us is so prominent on your website? Why your home page shouting “My company the greatest”, “We are partner with” and “Our Team”? As a visitor to your website, is this information will cause a tingle of desire or passion to buy your product, or book a service?

What is the best content that will trigger Aristotle’s Action?

I recommend to learn more about Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs and Aristotle Pyramid, but I want to let you leave this post with a good taste in mouth, just to cover the lower pyramid base.

Before you press the “Publish” button, ask yourself this:

Is this page of content is about my company and me, or it is answering the visitor’s problem and the reason he land on this page?


Search3w tripled the conversion rate of laser vision correction clinic by changing the ad


Dr. Acme Surgery

Meet Toronto’s LASEK Specialist‎.


(this ad is about the clinic, not about the visitor desire)


No Glasses in 60 Seconds

Bye-bye Glasses or Contact Lenses.

Safe Procedure. Lifetime Guarantee.


(this ad is not about the clinic, it directly answer the visitor’s concern “how long is this surgery”, “is it safe”, “how long it last” and about the visitor’s desire to “get rid of glasses forever”.  ) 

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