What is KEI?

Measuring and comparing the demand for your keyword (Daily World Searches) against the number of Web pages that include it (Competition) is a helpful approach to pick up the best keywords. The resulting ratio, KEI or ‘Keyword Effectiveness Index’ will give an idea of how important a specific keyword is.

The formula for KEI is KEI = (DS^2/C) = (DS/C * DS)

DS = Number of daily world searches
C = The competition.

The KEI range goes from 0 to over 400.

< 0,001 = Poor keyword
0,001-0,010 = Good Keyword
0,010-0,100+ = Excellent Keyword

Keywords with the highest KEI combine popularity and less competition. It means that it is more likely that you will get a high ranking, if you use these keywords for optimizations.

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