We need a web presence and traffic can you help us?

Q: Just built this site not one of the most beautiful jewelry sites out here on the web. What we need is a web presence and traffic can you help us? We are new to this, and we don’t want to lose our shirts in advertising that does not work.


  • Be modest. Your site is not “most beautiful jewlrey sites out there”.
  • Nobody can help you get top ranking for “Powered by Microsoft Office Live Small Business” website. Don’t spend even a penny for that. It will be too long to explain to you why, but you can call me (416) 785-5030 to get all the details.


It is nice to find a SEO guy that actually knows how the system really works. So many SEO people cheat our clients and it makes us crazy.

Source: http://www.linkedin.com/in/acroterion