Number of Visits in Google search results

As of today Google shows the number of visits in search results.

Google is not mentioning it on its Help Central – Interpreting Results page and not anywhere else. So I can let my imagination run and have these assumptions:

  1. This only works if you signed in with Google Accounts.
  2. This number represents the visits on the date that follows (August 3rd in the above sample).
  3. Apparently it only counts YOUR OWN clicks. Search3w has 1,273 unique visits in August 3rd. The term search engine solutions grabbed 33 visits, so it’s not SERP clicks number.

This just proves my long-standing theory that Google is tallying visitors clicks 🙂

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Thanks for the info that this only works when you are signed in. I found this to be annoying so I signed out and the info disappears.


Google is using your search history to display that information, hence why it goes away when you sign out. I’ve just seen a similar example which said “2 visits – 4 Jan” I looked in my search history and for that site on 4th Jan it shows “2 visits – 3:37pm


You can get rid of it by logging into your google account,
then go to my account on the right side.
Delete web history.

Why in the world would I have any need to know how many times I visited a web site? More privacy intrusion.

THANK YOU MEME! I have been looking everywhere to figure out how to solve this annoying problem. I didn’t know that it was caused by igoogle. Figures, though. Thanks so much!

That figures, being a newb I was thinking I was helping my ranking. turns out by continually clicking on it I hurt it. I went from Ranked top of first page and one day later I’m lucky to be on the first page at all.

There are a lot of reasons why pages go up and down. Google were recently quoted as saying that at any given time they are running between 50 and 200 experiments on their search engine. That is on top of the algorhythems they run every day enyway. If this is so, then there could be any amount of reasons. It would be worth getting professional advice. Those guys (the good ones) track all the changes and usually have a pretty good idea of what is going on. Although only Google knows for certain.

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