Amazon Success Story

As Amazon becomes a more popular online retailer then all the rest combined, It’s time to start treating its ranking algorithm like Google. The Search3w team has developed a unique strategy for winning in the Amazon ranking algorithm. Amazon uses the A9 search engine which became a subsidiary of amazon in 2003. Researching about how A9 works helped us discover little known advantages that can be implemented by amazon sellers. In short the way our strategy works is similar to how SEO works on Google.

This is an example of one of the products we helped optimise for an Amazon seller. So far the results of our experiments are successful.

Search3w offers three Amazon “fixers”

  1. Get to the top of Amazon search using A9 core
  2. Push your Amazon products and Seller page to top 3 on Google
  3. Boost Your Amazon Sales


How Much it Costs?

Please fill the form below, select “Amazon Top Ranking” in the get a quote list, and you are inch closer to your marketing goals.

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