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Email I got from on Wednesday, July 05, 2006 12:31 AM says:

Thank you for advertising with Google AdWords.
After reviewing your account, we’ve found that one or more of your ads or keywords does not meet our guidelines. You can see your disapproved ad(s), the reason for disapproval, and editorial suggestions, from the Disapproved Ads page within your account.Ad Status: Suspended – Pending Revision

Ad Issue(s): Back Button

Back Button: In order to provide a better user experience, links to your website must allow users to return to the Google Search Results page by clicking once on the browser’s ‘back’ button. Once your website complies with this guideline, please reply to this email to request review.


The Google AdWords Team

What to do?

First don’t panic! Okay it’s email from Gog-gool 👿 so what? Don’t be shy and reply to the email you’ve got (unless it’s true what they said 😉 which in that case you have to fix this problem):

Dear AdWords member,

My Back Button is working just fine. I didn’t change the site since about June 21, 2006. It was always good. I have just checked again my home page with CheckIT of Watchfire (world’s leader in Online Risk Management software) and can’t see any problem such this.

Five hours later I have a response from Google

Hello Motto (name changed),
Thank you for your email regarding the functionality of your back button.After reviewing your account, I’ve confirmed that your ad in Campaign is approved and running on Google.

Our AdWords Specialists review ads that run on Google to ensure that they comply with our advertising policies. I apologize if the prior disapproval of your ad was made in error. However, after reviewing your ad again, our Specialists have found that your ad meets all our Editorial Guidelines and advertising policies.


Marina (name changed)

The Google AdWords Agency Team


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