Google credit award under Lane’s Gifts v Google class-action settlement

getting-rich-from-googleThursday afternoon I’m receiving this email from Google itself:

Dear Google AdWords advertiser:We are writing to notify you that we have processed your claim for Account Number {hidden} under the Lane’s Gifts v. Google class- action settlement. We are issuing credits to the AdWords account identified in your claim. To view your credit award, log in to … Credits are awarded on a pro rata basis, taking into account these factors:– The amount you paid Google for advertising
– Google’s revenues from online advertising since January 1, 2002, and your claim percentage
– The total amount of credits available in the settlement, which is US$60M.
If you have any questions … Thank you for your continued support of Google.

Oh, I slept so sweet that night… I need to wait one more day to find my dreams comes true. Driving new Eddie Baur Explorer SUV, New Kitchen, new home at Tenafly, Real Tiffany diamond pendant jewelry to my wife, not a faked one,… One more day left to log in my Google account and find all those millions of $ waiting there silently. The expected day and hour finally came. My fingers are nervous shaking, one more click on the Billing Summary page and there you are…


This is an account with $50,000 per year click spending! I thought my eyes are illusive me, so I logged in to other accounts and asked around. True, my dreams blows out. After digging even deeper I’ve found a treasure – $76 reward in … cancelled (banned) account!

What is the reward you got?

Sent a comment to us if you have experience with similar frustration.


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