Top Ten keywords and SEO Seniority/faithfulness

This is a questions people asking me almost every day:

I am checking these keywords in Google and I am not coming up on the first page except for {keyword} (I’m the last one). Also {keyword} someone that would type this in would be specifically looking for… Also these two keywords are linking to the landing page that… No one would type these key words in if they were trying to locate {my business}.The questions here are: What 5-10 keywords are we going after? How many keywords will you guarantee me a first page showing in the natural listing? Common sense tells me that if a {my business}, they will type in {keyword 1} or {keyword 2} or they will type in the specific city within that {keyword}. The cities which are located within closest proximity to me and where I would like to get {my business} are: {list}

I need to have these questions answered ASAP! I do not expect the results to happen over night but I do need a clear explanation of exactly what we are doing!

This is my answer. Use this graph while reading the answer:


You are somewhere between a to b now. This means that we always try to work on the keyword combinations that fits your SEO Seniority if you want to call it this way. Please note that keyword combinations is NOT keywords you wish. As far as your SEO Seniority is running (with our work on your links, static pages and the content of your pages) as close you can rich your wish list keywords, and even this is not 100% guaranteed. Pay-per-click is the only guaranteed placement program available.

For instance one of Search3w clients which they are far above point [e] has the 54 million keyword new york movers ($13 per click on AdWords). They’re #1 on Google for it. For long time, say between [p] to [q] the wished keyword movers in new york was not acquired for them. It took us few more months of work (and more $) to get them top spot.

timeTo run full optimized “SEO Seniority” and acquire Google faithfulness, you need:

  1. Time. From six weeks up to two years.
  2. Killing content that nobody can found elsewhere. No duplicate tricks.
  3. Top External Links. Don’t be pathetic and think Google’s “link:” or “Related:” command will show you that.
  4. Register your business with the right directories and local/international business pages. No, I’m not meaning to Yahoo Directory. Sooner or later you’ll come to me crying…
  5. Rich media. Don’t limit yourself to your own website boundaries. Most of the successful online websites using several media campaigns. These includes: TV, Radio, Newspapers, Press releases and BLOGS.
  6. Usability: Printer Friendly and/or site friendly are essential factor to your on line success. Use D2S for dynamic websites (aspx, php, CMS, jsp..) and use NoneBLOG for your BLOG websites.
  7. Excellent server performance and a good hosting company. Remember GoDaddy? One black-hat SEO client can kill all website within! Yep, dedicated server on the right location with the right setup will do.
  8. Zero HTML errors and top quality assurance measures of your site. Checkup for defects can be done here CheckIT.
  9. Google claim to have 100 factors in its ranking formaula. Call us to get the rest 92 🙂