Declined account / associated with banned site

Mr. Pollard: Declined account, about 1 year ago, no particular reason given, just a short list and told it could one or more of the reasons.
Subsequent requests to join up declined, as URL is “associated with banned site.” I really don’t understand and have given up trying to get a straight answer. Does this make any sense to you? Site averages is about 15M unique a day, and about 80M page views, due to lots of unique content, which is added and up-dated all the time. Help!

Search3w: Thank you for contacting Search3w Search Engine Solutions.
In one hand we can’t any signs of banning for your website, but in the other hand your traffic volume does not match the fact that you have only ONE link on Google, low pagerank and zero related sites.

Something is WRONG HERE!

Please provide me with more details especially about:

“Declined account” -> declined by whom? Google adwords, Google organic, MSN…?

“just a short list” -> Can you FWD the list to my preview?

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