google checkout improves ranking?

It looks like the rumor mills are churning out about Google again. The rumors say that having Google checkout improves site’s ranking — Google denies, but does anyone really trust them anymore?

Posted here at July 3, 2006 – Google Checkout – Grab it now! (Filed under Google Essentials). I said “Why to wait a second? Grab it now”.

Just for joking purposes (if you notices PageRank zero on this page you’ll understand why…) I took Google’s marketing text and changed it to align with the rumor. This is the way it goes:

  • Stop creating multiple links and web pages.
    With Google Checkout„¢ you can quickly and easily get higher position on organic result pages across the web and track all your orders and shipping you made using this trick.
  • Improve ranking with confidence.
    Our fraud protection policy covers you against unauthorized PageRank tricks made through black-hat SEO companies. Google Checkout will improve your ranking with confidence.
  • Control AdWords & AdSense costs.
    You can keep your pay per click money in your pocket, and easily turn off expensive ad campaigns where you use Google Checkout instead.

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