Migrating to AWS, How to manage the leap

Before moving to Amazon Web Services most websites and API’s were blissfully being hosted by providers like Hostupon or Siteground. We enjoyed the simple straightforwardness of Cpanel. If there was something we didn’t understand or wasn’t working right we contacted the host provider for support. But there weren’t enough customisation and security options, and the service was just too expensive.

So we made the leap into the world of personal cloud computing. Amazon Web Services is the world’s largest cloud computing provider. AWS has over 100 services that are offered to its users. A typical AWS user uses more then 3 of them. This seems daunting especially when the services overlap functionality. Often the use of a service happens indirectly.

Expect a learning curve if you are not versed in the field of System Administration. Most system administrators aren’t looking after server hardware anymore. They design cloud solutions and manage cloud infrastructure on platforms like AWS.

How to leverage your own cloud compute infrastructure over site hosting?

You have to be creative and design the most efficient AWS setup for your specific needs. Everything is a balance between reliability, price, and security. You choose the exact balance between all the aws services. It is often worth the time switching to AWS to save money alone.

The first thing we noticed after migrating to AWS was the speed. Even with choosing a minimalist option the speed was dramatically improved. Speed is one of the main factors that Google judges your site on. Of course there is dynamic load balancing and scaling available if we need more power.

A good place to learn how to start using the cloud is BootStrap-it. They create popular courses and books on AWS.

Don’t be left behind

Most companies that manage there digital affairs have switched to the cloud. Do realize that not everything should be moved to your cloud and not all at once. Now it is easier then ever to design and build your own cloud infrastructure.

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Hosting sites yourself gives you more freedom. There are some SEO strategies that are easier to implement with AWS than with traditional site hosting. For instance you could gain incredible speed by making static websites. You also can get rid of a lot of bloatware that comes from hosting sites.

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