See who’s calling your business from Google

We got this email from Google today:

Call history from Google is a new tool that shows you who’s called through your Business Profile. You can see detailed call insights, view recent numbers and quickly return any missed calls. Set-up is simple and there’s no fee.
This is an experimental feature only available to a small number of users. Your business can be one of the first to try and give feedback.

This is amazing! There’s no longer a need to pay for CallRail, Whatconverts, CallTrackingMetrics and other paid phone call tracking systems, which means more money in your pocket. On top of that, this new feature will allow you to boost conversions by being able to pinpoint where you should invest more money in advertising. Let’s say you’re running Facebook/Instagram ads and AdWords, you’ll know which platform gets you more bang for your buck. These are just a couple things this feature will help with, but the potential is infinitely greater.

You will hear a short message that says “Call from Google” at the start of each call

Use the Google My Business app to view recent calls, return missed calls, and more.

Can you see the new “call” tab on your GMB menu?

If you can’t see this item, follow this trick:

After logging to the dashboard, look at the URL. It will be something like

Now, replace the word “dashboard” with the word “calls”:

Hit enter. You will see this screen:

I can’t see calls history?

As Google indicated, this is an “experimental feature only.” Based on our findings, it also depends on your location.

This feature is only available to a small number of users

Fortunately, Search3w Inc. is a Google Partner and can fix any issues you may have with your SEO, boost your rankings, and setup this amazing feature for you. Interested?

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