So You Want To Be On The 1st Page Of Google?

Search3w CEO, Mr. Elchanan Rotstain was asked to speak on the RBC Business Advice Series event on June 19 at the Delta Toronto East Hotel. There was 30 attendees who came to learn about the subject: So You Want To Be On The 1st Page Of Google? This session provided an overview of how to effectively use SEO (Search Engine Optimization) to build a small business profile and source sales leads. The event included:

  • Introduction to SEO and how to maximize limited resources in this area
  • Understanding Google’s products: Organic, Paid, Maps and Google+
  • Learn how to make your website & products more easily searchable


The presentation arranged by slide numbers, which we will use later in the workshop.

  1. This is the first slide. It is the Welcome slide and the disclaimer: [quote]The projections are based on the Google ranking system as of June 07/2013. The Google ranking system is subject to daily change without notice. Therefore we can only say that the projections are accurate as of June 07/13. We guarantee best effort, not fixed results. Search3w Inc. (search3w) reserves the right to withdraw its submission with written 30 days notice.[/quote]
  2. Google’s 1st page layout. Explaining Google search page and its three products: AdWords (pay per click), Google Places and Organic.
  3. How do you find keywords? What keywords shouldn’t I use?
  4. How do you become an authority? Why is it important to be nice to other websites and to optimize any keywords that Google think is related, even though it is not exactly related to your business. We explain how to do that.
  5. How many clicks do I get for top 3 ranking? We showed two studies, one with 59% and the other 37% of the first page traffic.
  6. What doses it take to get there? First we sorted the top 8 PageRank data factors and assigned a weight to each of the competitors; ‘8’ is the most important factor and ‘1’ is the least important. Second, we gathered the competitors data (“commercial spying”) and by using “reverse engineering” all the public data was made available, and then applied statistical metrics. This is how we decide “the place we want to go”. Third, we aggregated competitors efforts since 1993 and analyzed them to produce a “how much your business can do per month” dominator. Fourth, complex mathematical formulas were used to produce a compound metric from the PageRank factors to determine the point “where your business is now”. Now, we draw a graph from “where your business is now” to “the place we want to go” which is the top 3 positions and then find the even break point. Our research department predicted, that it would happen 12 months from now.
  7. Compound Metric – Hills and valleys. We pretend that it is a war attack map:
  8. Social Signals. We spoke about one of the easy stings – Social media – How to achieve it and in what pace.
  9. Plan in detail. We presented a battle map that contains six sectors:
    • Content
    • Social
    • Google Places
    • ZMOT
    • D2S – On-page
    • Off-page SEO
  10. One year overview. We presented Google Analytics channel graph for 12 months showing a 70% increase in Organic traffic and a 50% saving on Google AdWords PPC. The conversions has been increased from common-market 2% to 14%!
  11. Q & A. Mr. Rotstain answered the questions attendees raised.



  1. Slide 3 – KeywordSpy and WordTarcker
  2. Slide 4 – WordTarcker
  3. Slide 5 – Google AdWords, MOZ and Bing Webmaster
  4. Slide 7 – Excel and all the tools in the “free list”.
  5. Slide 8 – WildFire and SocialMention
  6. Slide 10 – Google Analytics


  7. Google “site:”

* Limited data. These tools require a paid subscription to obtain a full report






Download the Competitors Chart Sheet to use in the exercise.

  1. Go to
  2. Search toronto moving companies
  3. Learn the organic top ten
    • Eliminate companies that you can’t beat, like: Yelp, _______, __________, _________, ________
    • Focus on two companies to compare: ______________________, ____________________
  4. Find “your company” on Google 4th page(use same rules as 3.a): ______________________
  5. Fill the Comparison Sheet with these data
    • Internal links – Use MOZ tool
    • Goto
    • Type the URL, click “compare pages”
    • Type the companies you found on 3.b.
    • Record “Total Internal Links” and “Page Authority”
    • External Back links – Use MajesticSEO
    • Record “External Backlinks” and “in 5 last years” number
    • Social Shares – Use Record “months avg. per mention” and “passion”
    • Indexation – Use Google “site” command
    • Brand Awareness – Search the domain with hyphens.
  1. Examine the Comparison Sheet – Can you see the reason why “your company” is on page #4? – Write it down in the conclusion section.


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