What is ORM?

ORM stands for Online Reputation Management

The reality of the internet is that it has built a culture of sharing opinions, values and thoughts. Whether they are positive or negative, these opinions are critical to your company’s image, reputation, and ultimately its success.

Now more than ever, the power of opinion-shaping is in the customers’ hands. Therefore, effective businesses today understand that is not enough to provide quality services. Therefore, it is important to engage their customer base and encourage sharing of their customers’ opinions.

In this post you will learn

  • How to Avoid Bad Reviews in the First Place?
  • How to Fix Bad Reviews and Bad Reputation?


How to Avoid Bad Reviews in the First Place?

Publish only 4 and 5 stars reviews. The reviews that marked 1, 2, or 3 stars will be captured/filtered by your customer service only. But wait, can I really “capture” or “weed” bad reviews? Is it not against Yelp, Google, and Facebook policy?

Well, it depends how you do it. Legit. Allow me to explain if you call me. In the meantime watch this 15 seconds video introduction:

Weed / Filter bad reviews system

How to Fix Bad Reviews and Bad Reputation?

To be more aggressive. Some clients just create another website and optimize it to be on the top 10. Looking at that these days, and the Google algorithm, I am not fan. The problems of this method is that its pricey and risky. But, I have colleagues that are doing it successfully.

I suggest five steps solution.

  1. Damage Repair (see chart 1 below)
    • Promoting existed Positive URLs / Link building to the positive profiles instead to the brand itself (must be done in a very certain prescription to avoid red flags or banning and to promote SEO linking at the same time)
    • Business Listing at High Authority (root) Websites
    • New Profile Creation at top websites
    • PPT creation and submission
    • PDF submission
    • Reviews at websites Ravdex, Sitejaber, Pissed Consumer and so on
    • Forums reply
    • Creation of Micro Blogging sites
  2. Branding and Social Media fix
    • Boost your brand or company in a positive manner. Do you remember the Toyota gas pedal recalls?  They called me in along with other experts to fix the bad online influence. What we did is to increase the positive features of the brand using PR, social media, etc and to “push down” the negative news and mentions. Of course, people’s memory is short and this will be forgotten soon…
    • Create Facebook posts and boost them to a target audience and interests
    • Create hashtag and use Twitter for business
    • Use LinkedIn massively
    • Create news and PR
  3. Reviews Management
    • Encourage your customers to publish good reviews about your brand and services. As mentioned above, don’t make it without a proper filter
    • View and respond to reviews on all social media platform using a review management software like this: 
  4. Search Protection
    • Brand keyword protection -Positive views search engines. When someone uses certain keywords in relation to your brand, they will see the good only
    • Rich snippets – Micro formats and authorship compliance, which ensures that Google is able to validate any positive information about your business and/or brand
    • Weeding –  Remove negative reviews. The only legit way to do it is to contact the writer or the website owner asking them to remove it. You may need to take legal action in order to expedite the removal of baseless and fake online content. In some cases, the most effective method for expediting the removal process may including summoning Google to uncover the identity of the malicious online poster.
  5. Reputation Monitoring


Chart 1