Converting dynamic web pages into static ones, is that a solution to better SEO?

Barry: Can you look at our site and re : Converting dynamic web pages into static ones…Is that a solution to better SEO or can you make a proposition overall with our site and give us a creative idea of price. Currently, we are with Monster Commerce ( Network Solution ) and quite unhappy after spending good sums of money with poor results.
Thank you so much.

Search3w: Your site has zero PageRank, zero incoming links and suffers from poor indexing. Online jewelry is one of the highest competitive markets, and if you don’t have $100,000 for the 1st year your best bet is to do SEO yourself.

Static pages (and I mean real static pages, not tricks) will cost you too much at this point.
We can help you with only 5 hours to push your site forward and to do SEO yourself for the next 6 months. You’ll be ready for static conversion by then.

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