No SEO results with Yahoo Store

Sherry: Currently, we have a very limited budget… We recently hired a company to assist us with our site/Yahoo store – with terrible (no) results. Your company appears to be very knowledgeable in SEO/Yahoo stores so we considered we’d inquire with you as to whether you might offer any “budget” services to help us with our site – particuarly with search engine rankings – can you evaluate our site and let us know?
Thank you.

Search3w: We have heard many stories like yours. The way Yahoo store works is very different than you might imagine.
Let’s face the facts, Yahoo has absolutely no ambition to let you succeed with organic Google ranking. Even more then that Google has been known to dislike the rank of many sites that run on same server as a competitor (like Yahoo).

Typically this is what you want to do:

  • Add and edit Yahoo’s Editor Object properties: Headline, Custom properties and add the missing Search Engine Optimization elements.
  • Add a better Site-Search/search-box solution that integrates with your Yahoo Merchant database.
  • Get free Analytic Tool (like urchin) that help you to understand better your visitors and their behavior. We mean organic and PPC.
  • Set better navigation, searchability and accesability on your Y!store website.
  • Take care for the missing Google algorithm parameters Yahoo tend to “forget”.
  • Did you know that you can verify Y!store website on Google Sitemaps without FTP access?
  • Did you know that you can submit free XML Feed to Google Sitemaps of Y!store catalog?

You asked me about the budget. Search3w offering plans that range from $200 introductory service through to full service. On some plans our Recurring Usage Charge is $1 only.

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