Describe how search3w can ensure we achieve positive ROI and how long it will take.

Q: Please describe how search3w can ensure we achieve positive ROI and how long it will take?
A: Accurate answer for this question will be addressed after my initial study. This is the study input I need to answer your ROI question:

Number of Unique Visitors Per Day
What is your current traffic? We will calculate how many visitors you might expect to receive every day after we optimize your site and ad campaigns.
Remember: Typical customer of Search3w increasing traffic volume by 60 percent.

Conversion Rate
Research shows that on average 2% of all visitors to retail sites end up as customers. Conversion rate varies by industry, what is your data?

Gross Profit
What is the average gross profit for your products/services that you sell, or plan to sell, online or offline?

Q: Which ad networks do you suggest we participate in? Yahoo? Google? MSN? Overture? If we are on a fixed budget, which of the recommended networks will give us the best return?
A: Some clients doing better on Yahoo or AdCenter, but our major work will perform on Google AdWords.

Q: How many clients do you have? How long have you been in business? How many people are in your company?
A: Clients: 62. In business since: 2001. Employees: 12, Contractors: 3.
Our performance is publish to the public here.

Q: Will you build our landing pages for each campaign? Describe how you will research the competition to ensure our landing pages are the best.
A: No. I will guide your team how to build it. We have proprietary technology to auto-generate landing pages here. Every month we will evaluate the last month performance and if results are not satisfied we will bring usability expert to the table. Our usability experts came from world of traditional marketing, a field where she has 25 years experience. That experience also includes an MBA, as well as running hundreds of focus groups. Since 2001 she has done usability testing on hundreds of websites, including industry studies looking at hardware sites such as Home Depot, Lowes, Home Hardware, and Rona.

Q: What sort of reporting can we expect and at what frequency?
A: ROI and Other Reporting Services. In addition to monitoring and changing the bids to your specifications, we also provide the following valuable reporting services:

  • Ability to track Return on Investment (ROI) per keyword per position per search engine
  • Conversion Rate Metrics: determine how many visits to your site convert to a sale
  • Help to understand your Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS): how much revenue you generate per dollar spent on advertising.
  • Ability to Calculate ROI: how much revenue you generate per dollar spent on advertising
  • Find out which ranking in Pay-per-click Search Engines works best for your keywords and gives you most value.
  • Fraud Click (invalid clicks) reports.

    Q: Describe the process and activities associated with the “start up” phases of the project.
    A: Leveraging our SEM process, we have developed a methodology to optimize the value that you get from your PPC accounts. Our methodology is a 4D Step process of:

  • Discovery
  • Design
  • Development, and
  • Deployment