Disavow (weed) bad links

Search3w approach is very simple:

Don’t blowout the house to kill a cockroach!

Start your disavow project by

  1. Examining your link portfolio using MOZ link checker, SEMrush Toxic link finder and Ahrefs-bad-links guide
  2. Crate a text file with the URL candidates to be removed
  3. For each URL in the list, break it into its root domain, and do step #1 again
  4. Use this logic:

Is the root domain is toxic/bad link too?

Yes – Open a new text file name “disavow.txt” and copy the domain URL to there. Use comment to write the story like “My client used a bad SEO company which they listed his brand on low quality websites. The client hired me to fix it, etc.”

No – Open the link page and observe with your own eyes and common-sense if it smell fishy or not. Think it is real/human Google engineer observing it. Copy the URL to the “disavow.txt” file if you think it is toxic.

What else?

Search3w mentioned online on may sites like SEO Site Audit: An Actionable Guide, go ahead and read it.