Google MayDay Update and Search3w Fix

Google latest ranking algorithm update that has been given the name “May Day”. If your website gets fewer visitors from Google, the update could be the reason for that. Many web-owners have seen a huge drop in traffic from Google for keyword phrases that are three or more keywords long (so called “long tail keywords”). Some reported lost 90% of their traffic from Google!

Search3w D2S subscribers with the long tail module are getting their sites republished in these moments. Keep reading to explore the details and to learn how to fix it.

A newly granted Google patent (click here to see it) on phrase-based indexing calls for a new look at that approach to indexing phrases on the Web, including a process referred to as “phrasification”.
This is not a penalty but a change in Google’s ranking algorithm. Google is able now to index longer keyword phrases more accurately.
How do you know if you were affected? Well, start by checking your search referral traffic between April 28th and May 3rd; do you see a drop? If so, this is the change in the number of referrals, or the number of pages getting traffic.  A drop in traffic to your big terms isn’t likely with “May Day”, but a drop in pages getting search referrals (long tail traffic), could be.

The new index is using a scoring model that includes:

  • The expected probability of the phrase occurring in a document
  • The number of phrases in the “phrasification”
  • A confidence measure of each phrase
  • Adjustment parameters for controlling the precision

Identifying phrases requires a lot of computing power and a lot of memory (which Search3w has the server power to mimic Google). On the assumption that any five words could constitute a phrase, and that a large corpus would have at least 200,000 unique terms, there would be approximately 3.2 x 10 power 26 possible phrases.
What to do?

Stop using Google! (Just Kidding.)

Search3w D2S product can outsmart the algorithms so client’s sites can hold a strong position among high volume searches and thousands of long tail variations. While a solid SEO strategy is critical for ensuring that your site holds and keeps a top 10 ranking, there is no substitute for a good website that people really want to use. Here comes Search3w usability product (OBS) to the picture.

“People must be able to find it easily when they are searching Google. Once they do, the site has to provide what they are looking for, quickly and easily. Search Engine Optimization helps you achieve the first goal; usability testing the second” said Rick Nielsen, VP of marketing at Search3w.

If you’re not D2S subscriber, this is what you want to do without risking the ranking that works.
1. Edit your keywords and description metatags to include the phrase variations.

2. Edit your title tag with the exact long tail phrase.

3. Add a comment section with “code” that diversifies the density of your phrase variations in different areas of this “code”.

4. Check that you have no empty ALT tags and fill them up with your phrase variations. Be careful to have unique content for each ALT tag that also meaningful for the image it represent. Warning – Don’t push keywords in the “space.gif” images!

Search3w (Acroterion Inc) is pleased to announce the opening of an office in Toronto, Canada in May. The management of the office is Dennis Threndyle directing our operations in this location as the Regional Manager Eastern North America. Dennis brings a wealth of experience combined with a wonderful depth of knowledge in both traditional and new media. Dennis will be happy to introduce any interested web marketing teams and agencies to Search3w’s SEO solutions, our “Static Site Wizard D2S“, and our “OBS Site Search”.

We can demonstrate that when you apply our SEO solutions to your website you will never have to worry about Google (or any search engine) and search optimization again.

If you are interested, please reply to this email or call our front desk and speak with Aida, at (888) 809-9012 ext 0 to schedule a meeting.

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