Google real-time search

We knew it was inevitable, and this year it has finally become a reality: Google has integrated real-time search into its search results. Google’s real-time search feature posts updates as things happen around the web. Live tweets, Yahoo Answers, news articles, and web pages now stream into search engine results pages for search queries. Google’s real-time search also works on mobile smartphones, such as the iPhone and the Android.

That’s not all, though. Google has announced that they’ve partnered up with both Facebook and MySpace to pull data into real-time search. As a result, updates on public Facebook pages and any streaming data that is available publicly on Myspace will show up in real-time search. This deal with Myspace and Facebook is on top of the deal with Twitter that Google announced back in October.

Welcoming the inevitable

It’s been clear for some time that search would move towards real-time, but until now, Google seemed to be falling behind Twitter, and perhaps even Bing, which made its own search deals with Twitter and Facebook earlier this year. Now, in one sweeping stroke, Google has grabbed the lead in the real-time search space, and both Facebook and Twitter have conceded that they aren’t going to try to outdo Google when it comes to search. These are significant strategic decisions for all parties involved because they dictate which direction these companies will take in the years to come.

Few seconds after I have published this post, it was already indexed and was available on Google’s search!