I’m Feeling Lucky (how to increase ranking with one little effort #2)

Want some easy Google credits? No problem.

I believe that Google is counting how many people are using the “I’m Feeling Lucky” option. Technically it’s very simple as the core search engine needs to redirect you to the first position in its results set, so it “clicks” in your behalf on this organic listing. So now that it knows the URL, why not to save it to a database and give higher ranking score for more frequent “luckiers”? It’s simple as that!

What to do?

Search for a keyword that placing your website on the first Google spot (organic only, no maps or AdWords) and open a fresh Google search screen. Use the keyword you’ve found and click on the “I’m Feeling Lucky”. That’s it. If you have Google Toolbar (you don’t? Get it right away here (feature list) and opt it out to show PageRank) use it as your first choice.


What should I do if my keyword search is not found on the first position?
Search for your company name plus the keyword (E.g search3w search engines solutions).

One Warning – Don’t get carried away! It is not a good idea to exceed a too many clicks a day from you and your employees, friends, or your clients who love you.