Landing Page Builder is good for Internet marketing

A static page vs. a dynamic page, is a single ‘landing’ page that is the essential pitch for a product or service you are promoting. Often summarizing and condensing and entire set of dynamic or variable pages into a single concise expression of what you offer a particular target audience. You have to grab the prospects attention and keep it drawing them into the benefits your product/service offers.

Clear and concise wording is the art and essence of a Static Landing Page. Landing Page Builder is a product by Search3w that helps with the process of distilling the content from and entire web site into a single promotion. It aligns with the main goal of the web site. The most common mistake of a manually made landing page, is to try to appeal to all prospects, rather than focusing on the key constituency of your web site. A variety of AdWords clients will click an ad out of very generalized curiosity. Landing Page Builder helps you focus in on the attributes your product or service offers to the most important reader. The one who will buy into either an ongoing relationship via email or answer the call to action that you will end the static landing page with.

One of the biggest reasons to use a static landing page is to prevent the client from ‘wandering off’. If you leave the opportunity to ‘click away’ from your pitch. A least a percentage will stray from the page you want to them to follow. Landing Page Builder by Search3w is the package that helps you lay down the path for them to follow. Its how you space out the bread crumbs of information that keep the customer pecking away at a pace that’s known to work.

If you are building an email list, you will want to match the message in the email campaign to the primary message in the landing page. Landing Page Generator helps develop the overview you are looking for in the ‘program’ mix. A comprehensive, persuasive approach to helping your customer with the marketing decision. Theme integration is the general concept, bringing all the strings of the theme into an articulate whole, that’s easy to understand with out being patronizing is the knack. Landing Page Builder is the tool to help with this Integration.

Scan-ability or the ability to quickly get the gist of the message is also an important aspect of a great rather than a good sales landing page. Most people are ‘grazing’ information, scanning for something that compels them to action. With the web you are always just a back button away from losing the clients attention. Landing Page Builder makes certain your headlines, sub-headings and graphics enable visitors to skim your landing page’s content to quickly learn what’s important to them and how it will benefit them. Most importantly, make sure it clearly points out how easily take the action.

Don’t forget esthetic’s, Landing Page Builder frames the content to lead the eye, making use of copy, graphics color and white space to ‘lead’ the reader through the path to the offer. Placing images next to the important key text messages makes the reader more likely to stop and read the messages. Varying the font size conveys importance of key impact messages. Font Color helps highlight important aspects of the body of the message.
The all important call to action. If you don’t ask for the sale, the entire process has been in vain. The final call to get an email address and or sign up for a product is what the whole cost of putting a messing in front of people. Landing Page Builder puts it together in a time tested fashion that insures you get the most impact for your advertising dollar.

Split testing is putting the same Goggle ad words ad on two different pages and examining the data one page will out perform the other and can be refined further still. With every iteration you get closer to your target group of people. Landing Page Builder assists with every step in the iteration process and will eventually get you to ‘marketing nirvana’, the perfect pitch of a GREAT static landing page.

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