Why static landing pages are good for Internet marketing

Static landing pages are an important part of Internet marketing. Unlike dynamic landing pages, static pages are search engine friendly, which brings more traffic to the page.
Dynamic pages, which use scripts, can pass personal information about the user, but are not easy for the search engines to index. Static landing pages are easy for the search engines find and index. The search engines also evaluate relevancy of the site. The site content must be relevant to the keywords.

Google has changed the rules. Only one Adword ad for an URL will be displayed. That makes it hard for affiliates who are promoting the same product to get their ad displayed.

Most article directories will not allow affiliate links in articles or in resource boxes. This limits the effectiveness of using articles to market affiliate products.

One solution to these problems is to create landing pages on your server to presell the customer before sending them to the product site. These landing pages may contain reviews or more information about the product.

Search engines bring traffic to the page. The job of the landing page is to convert that traffic. Landing pages have one function. That function is to get people to take action. The action may be to purchase a product or to enter their name and email address.

Internet marketers like static landing pages because once they are in place, they are easy to maintain. They can be optimized to specific keywords. If the domain name includes the keywords, this can increase the search engine page ranking.

Static landing pages can be a single page to sell a product, obtain viewer’s information or serve as a gateway to other pages. These static pages can be used to collect email address to build your list. They can also be use to sell an affiliate product or your own product. They have their own page rank.

The Internet offers an overwhelming amount of information. You have mere seconds to capture your viewer’s attention. First impressions are important. Viewers evaluate if the site is simple or complex. They determine if the site is relevant to their search query.

Landing pages should be simple. There should be no flashing graphics or other eye candy. There should be no links or other distractions for the reader. The purpose of the page is a single call to action. This may be to sell a product or to collect information.

There has been lots of research and testing to find what makes a good landing page. The success of the page is determined by the percent of visitors taking the desired action.

The page should load quickly. Flashing graphics detract from the purpose of the page. Keep in mind the purpose of the page. Focus the viewer on the single purpose of the page. The focus of the page should be on the user’s experience. Give them what they are seeking. Make sure they understand what they should be next.

If you are collecting information, make sure you are only collecting the information you need. If you are adding them to a mailing list, a name and email address are all you need. Asking for too much information can lead the user to click away from the page.

Now you don’t have to be a web master or know HTML. You don’t have to wait until your IT guru can make time for your project. There’s software that makes creating a good landing page easy. Landing Page Builder makes the process simple. Landing Page Builder gives you a simple fill-in-the-blanks form. Then it creates a search engine friendly, optimized site in a matter of minutes.

The software also offers tips on Adword campaigns and domain names. It enables you to improve the appearance and conversion rates of your pages. It allows you to pick different color schemes to change the appearance of your pages. The headline, sub-headings, and description should contain keywords. There should also be keywords in the first and last paragraph. Landing Page Builder puts your keywords where they count. The headline needs to promote the promise of the product or site. The reader wants to know what’s in it for them. Landing Page Builder creates a page that stresses the benefits to the customer.

The important thing is to do some testing to find the version of the page that converts the best. This will require split testing with different text and keywords. Landing Page Builder has done the testing for you. The pages it creates have proved to be successful at conversion. It saves you time, effort, and lost sales.

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