NextAI 2018 – Almost there

Elchanan Rotstain, CEO of Search3w has been selected as a finalist to NextAI 2018.

NextAI is a Toronto-based accelerator for early or idea stage AI-enabled startups. NextAI is for exceptional teams and individuals from around the world who are commercializing AI research and want to build global companies.

This is the message I posted yesterday November 27th 2017 on

If you’re not yet teamed up and you’re still looking for a .biz leader – here is why you should choose me.

For the past 17 years I’ve been the CEO of a successful digital marketing company (Search3W) and known to the world as a The Search Engine Doctor. I’ve developed an algorithm that can quickly boost any business to number one on Google. In fact, we’ve propelled several small companies into the multi-million dollar club. If you want to build a successful AI startup, having big talent isn’t enough. Your startup needs to go viral on Gangnam Style levels.

That’s what my company does for our clients and that’s what you need for your for startup. Your idea will be number one on Google and social networks.

It’s not too late to join. Just message me on my #big-data channel, via, or call me on 1-888-809-9012 extension 4.