SEO the jobs you don’t want to do

The 21st century has promised us that robots will take over all the meaningless and boring jobs. But one task that most business owners spend time scratching there head and then procrastinating, is SEO. We all understand how marketing works more or less, but in the world of Google, marketing is only half the reason your competitor is running circles around you. Following Google’s guidelines to be there preferred website is very complex and they announce changes about once a year. And then there are the tricks, which so many businesses exploit to gain their advantages.

You have two options: One way is to build a quality functional website which ignores Google optimization and focuses your resources on other types of marketing. The other is to outsource the SEO work or hire a separate employee specifically devoted to that task.

The choice to disregard Google’s advice his hard to sell in the western world where the Google search dominates the internet. If you look at it’s very clear that Google’s dominance has not, and is not going anywhere.

This builds the case for the second option. Even though you are not trying to do the SEO work by yourself, you still must realize just how big of a job it is. The majority of your marketing budget could end up being spent on SEO. The money spent on SEO should entirely be delivering positive return on investment. Therefore how much spent on it should be a balance seeking the highest percent gain regardless of the cost. To do this it’s critical to have a transparent SEO strategy and results. There was an article published in Forbes a few years back that could give you an idea of the appropriate SEO expenses in numbers.