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A static page vs. a dynamic page, is a single ‘landing’ page that is the essential pitch for a product or service you are promoting. Often summarizing and condensing and entire set of dynamic or variable pages into a single concise expression of what you offer a particular target audience. You have to grab the prospects attention and keep it drawing them into the benefits your product/service offers.

Clear and concise wording is the art and essence of a Static Landing Page. Landing Page Builder is a product by Search3w that helps with the process of distilling the content from an entire web site into a single promotion. It aligns with the main goal of the web site. The most common mistake of a manually made landing page, is to try to appeal to all prospects, rather than focusing on the key constituency of your web site. A variety of AdWords clients will click an ad out of very generalized curiosity. Landing Page Builder helps you focus in on the attributes your product or service offers to the most important reader.

One of the biggest reasons to use a static landing page is to prevent the client from ‘wandering off’. If you leave the opportunity to ‘click away’ from your pitch. A least a percentage will stray from the page you want to them to follow. Landing Page Builder by Search3w is the package that helps you lay down the path for them to follow. Its how you space out the bread crumbs of information that keep the customer pecking away at a pace that’s known to work
In a dynamic site, pages are assembled “on the fly” as and when they are requested. Most server side languages as PHP, JSP and ASP powered sites do this technology by actively encourages dynamic content creation. Generating pages dynamically allows for all sorts of clever applications, from e-commerce, random quote generators to full on web applications such as Hotmail.

Issues that Search3w Landing Pages Generator helps you with

  1. Clear and concise wording, theme integration in the general concept
  2. One pitch promotion per product/item
  3. Increase AdWords CTR, adRank and Quality Score
  4. Deliver email campaign to the primary message in the landing page
  5. Automated Search Engine Optimization
  6. Generates A/B Testing
  7. Maximizing conversion rates
  8. Better Usability
  9. Avoids Long ugly URL
  10. Solves dynamic content problems
  11. Converts JSP, ASP, PHP pages
  12. Creates spider friendly pages
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Is Landing Pages Builder generates gateway pages, doorway, mirror site or another SEO trick that will get me banned by Google? 
Not at all. Static Site Wizard builds optimized websites that meet the US General Services Administration’s accessibility requirements. Visit the official GSA Section 508 site for more details.