Web Properties

Web Properties as defined by Martin Rotstain are the appraised market values of potential website sale.

Estimate Your Website Value

In the same way a real estate property cost is calculated by property’s geographical location and its address, age, type of construction, number of stories, type of roof, current use, heating and cooling system and square footage. A website value, too, is the same.

How much is your website worth? The only way to measure the site value is to look at the metrics of your site against competitors sites.

Website Properties Metrics

<2>Easy To Remember Domain – An easy to remember domain name is worth more than “just a name”. Consumers associate with your company because it matches a name by which they are known or a service you provide.

<2>PageRank – Formula developed by Google to determine a web pages value. Often referred to as “PR” (PR10 will be PageRank Ten)

<3>BackLinks – Hyper Links from an external website that point to your website. Often referred to as “inbound links”

<4>Domain Age, or website Seniority – Older is better. Read here ho to acquire Google faithfulness

<5>Number of indexed pages or Indexation – Website with more indexed pages is doing much better than the competitors. How do I get more indexed pages?

<6>Usability – People must be able to find your website easily. Once they do, the site has to provide what they are looking for, quickly and easily.

<7>Traffic – Check Alexa Ranking to get actual traffic figures

<8>Sales – Is your website gaining a Positive ROI?

<9>White History – A website with black history will be worth much less than white one. Black things includes: Banning, Black-Hat SEO, has been too long, or in mid-life “Under Construction” and many frequent design changes.

How much does a website appraisal cost?

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