Search Engine Solutions for Yahoo Store small business sites

Is Yahoo store not giving you real SEO solutions?

Search3w has six years experience with leading Yahoo Store websites, achieving top rankings at Google, Yahoo, and Bing. We will provide you with:

1. Better SEO features. Yahoo’s Editor Object properties Headline, Caption, SEO-title, SEO-text, and SEO-keywords are not enough to higher ranking on Google. Search3w can provide you with Yahoo’s missing nuts-and-bolts.

2. Better Site-Search (sitebox). Yahoo’s Site-Search is simple and powerless. It does not support typos, categories and intelligence. Discover how to increase conversions and optimize the total customer experience with Search3w Solutions.

3. Better Navigation, Search-ability and Accessibility. Let’s face the facts. Yahoo has absolutely no ambition to let success with organic Google ranking. Do you think my point of view is correct, or do you think something else? Call us if you think we’re right.

4. Better Analytic Tools. Are you happy with your cubic Store Manager Graphs? Search3w using Google Analytics makes to improve your results online.




Better Yahoo Store SEO… How can we help?

  • We can edit better Yahoo’s Editor Object properties Headline, Custom properties and add the missing Search Engine Optimization elements.
  • Provide you with top Site-Search/search-box solution that integrates with your Yahoo Merchant database.
  • Provide you with free Analytic Tools helps you to understand better your visitors and their behavior. We mean organic and PPC. This is the only tool shows you organic conversations!
    Set better navigation, search-ability and accessibility on your Y!store website. Taking care for the missing Google algorithm parameters Yahoo tend to “forget”.

  • Did you know that you can verify Yahoo store website on Google Sitemaps without FTP access
  • Did you know that you can submit free XML Feed to Google Sitemaps of Y!store catalog?
  • Do you interest your products will be found on first Google page or on voice search (SIRI, Google assistance, Alexa)?
  • RTML enhancement for Google Optimization: Dynamically generated Titles, Description and Keyword Metatags, Categorized Site Map, Custom 404 Error page and Breadcrumbs.

The Success Stories

Our happy clients credited Acroterion for their great success in the Jewelry market. Take a look at these testimonials:

“If you need to optimize your site, I give Acroterion two thumbs up for their service. They got us running in no time. We saw immediate results. Elchanan Rotstain is easy to work with, and he knows what he’s doing. When you give him your business you can have absolute faith in what he will do for you. He is my very top pick for SEO.” Search3w clients

“Search3w is a magician with SEO. They know it all. They do exactly what they promise within the given time frame.”

“I would like to thank Search3w Search Solutions, especially Mr. Rotstain CEO, for providing a solution to our search-engine positioning needs. Your efforts have assisted ICE.COM in achieving top-ten positioning within 3 months, even on Google! We contacted several companies and spent money for nothing. Those “optimization” or “submission” services did not diagnose search problems and therefore they failed. Mr. Rotstain is definitely “the search-engines master”, I guarantee that any company working with Acroterion will not be disappointed.”
Sam Gniwisch, CEO

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