What’s wrong with Google Places?

Can anyone tell me What’s wrong with Google Places?

Google places has many glitches (bugs) since Marissa Mayer left the department to be the Yahoo CEO. I see it in different ways with many clients.

These are the problems that customers call us every day for:

  1. “This place has closed or relocated” for a real business location
  2. Postcard sent in the end of the verification process, never reach the business
  3. Phone call verification made successfully but the status “Need Action, Enter your PIN” is resumed
  4. Lost position on Google Places – From something to nothing, Google top position poof gone overnight
  5. Google Places show on first page fake business locations. You know your arena –  You know they built to trick Google.

 How do we solve the Google Places listing problem?

[box_info]Step one. Get it right! Slightly difference like Unit #, or Avenue instead of Ave (yep!) can cause “No Evil” Google to be mad on you. I’m using GetListed.org to help me finishing this task.[/box_info]
[box_tip]Don’t be cheap and use the free listings on the top local directories like Manta, Superpages, MerchantCircle, Yelp, Angi, etc. (full list is available to SEOmoz members at http://www.seomoz.org/directories/local ). Pay the premium listings fee if you’re serious about getting top results with Google Places.[/box_tip]
[box_info]In some case you can ask Google to review your location. In this case, please Follow These Instructions:     (use this guided screen >>)

  • Start with “I’m {name, role} at {business}”. Write that we tried getting a postcard twice and never got it. We are company.. established.. employees..
  • Write that we verified it over the phone and it failed
  • Write the exact address, phone and Google email account (same as Google places account)
  • Describe the buildings around the location and any landmark (the… tower is just across our location) around. This is critical!
  • Fill the form with as much information you can provide
  • Attached a photo of the location. After you place it on your server,  use http://goo.gl/ (click on this link after login to Google account) to get a short link to the photo
  • Attach the home page of your website to prove location is listed there: http://goo.gl/
  • Ask politely to validate this location on Google maps.
  • Close with: Feel free to contact me at… Your full signature