D2S & Refyn Search Internet Marketing Tools

D2S SEO automation
D2S is a product that goes the extra mile by using automatic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) advice and builds the HTML web-pages accordingly.

Refyn (previously called OBS) Site Search
Refyn is Out of the Box Site (OBS) Search Engine. It is different from other site search products by being integrated with the SEO process.

D2S SEO automation

Search3w realized its customers had a problem of owning two different systems one for Content Management System (CMS) / ecommerce and and one for SEO. As a result Search3w decided to build a product that merges them together into one system.In the same way CMS/ecommerce help companies to manage their inventory and content by producing HTML code, D2S’s goal is to have an external layer on top of CMS/ecommerce to produce HTML pages with SEO built-in, automatically:

D2S –> CMS/ecommerce –> HTML

It using a Google based algorithm to boost any ecommerce / shopping card system, or huge content based website. It is also integrated with Twitter, Facebook and Google RealTime using Schema.org Microdata.

One of Refyn’s feature is SEO boost by enriching the list of words Google know about the website.
We’re doing it by creating dynamic (changes every minute, hit CTRL-R to see the total number) Aggregated History Data >>

Refyn Site Search

Another integration problem our customers are having is that their site search is an “island” and is not incorporated into the SEO cycle. Search3w customers have asked us to improve their site search by:

  1. Enhance site search results using aggregating data from partner sites.
  2. Improve their site search by adding an Intelligent Intuition System that can understands that ‘AdWords’ means ‘PPC’, and ‘Brown’ is also ‘burgundy’.
  3. Adapt and learning – Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques that are able to self-configure its database and respond to the visitor’s activities according to prior experience of searcher’s behavior.
  4. Real-Time site search with Auto-Image Selection Algorithm
  5. Generate SEO. Site search queries are streamed to D2S for further SEO.

Refyn –> D2S –> CMS/ecommerce –> HTML

The Challenge

  • Have dynamic CMS/shopping cart with static SEO
  • Products’ Keywords will be part of the URL
  • Apply SEO practices and advise using external dashboard
  • Avoiding duplicate content
  • Long Tail SEO


Search3w’s D2S provides customers with a graphical interface for management of their site. This interface provides the following:

  • Publishing tools for PC platform plus mobile/cellular and tablets platforms.
  • Reporting features showing what was being search for, what were the popular terms, plus more.
  • Management of search tables such as synonyms, categories and keywords.
  • Management of SEO goals and tactics.
  • A tool for attaching a banner to search terms and lead visitors to desired actions on the site.
  • Most importantly a means for clients to contact Search3w for help.


  • SEO Automation.
  • Reduce costs; minimize risk and exposure – D2S is a pre-integrated solution and service. Customers no longer need to embark on high risk and costly redevelopment website projects.
  • Speed – D2S offers the fastest CMS/ecommerece platform in the market, pre-configured base with proven RAPID deployment models.
  • Deploy revenue-generating services faster – Search3w’s D2S solution incorporates rapid time to market services and features, combined with experienced resources.
  • Single accountable source – Search3w provides a single point of contact and accountability in delivering the D2S solution.
  • Design templates are a separate entity reduce project and maintenance headaches.
  • Future proof: innovation, technology, scalable and upgradeable – D2S’s unique architecture enables customers to move to new releases to take advantage of system improvements and new features, without affecting their current solution, or impacting any specific modifications they have made.