How do I fix bad reviews on Yelp?

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First of all, I would like to introduce myself, my name is James, and I am working with Search3w in the capacity of Senior Local Manager.

I am writing you this mail in order to provide you important information regarding your Yelp concern. As regards to Yelp, it aims to [quote]connect people with great local businesses, Yelp Business Accounts allow businesses to share information with the Yelp Community[/quote]. Below are the major reasons why Yelp should be in business:

  1. Yelp increases the opportunity to be found.
  2. Promotes a conversation. Reviews are a fantastic source of information that are given freely and without prejudice and the beauty of it all is that many people love to write them.
  3. Technology allows people to share their experiences with their network and catalog their favorite products or services.
  4. People love sharing their great experiences – Yelp provides the platform to do so.
  5. Increases accountability. It’s one thing to promise a great service or product in an ad, but another to have a customer say it is great in a review. Business become accountable when they are opened up for criticism.

By posting positive reviews in Yelp, it directly enhance the website online reputation. Search3w includes Yelp review in our local packages.

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