Yes, the products ARE visible on the maps

A new feature recently became available in the Google My Business console called products. You are able to create product listings with pictures and direct links to checkout. Whether you have general products with a price range or specific items.

In the past we weren’t sure where these product will actually be displayed. In some of our experiences we didn’t see it on Google Maps. Because it is still in beta we weren’t surprised. Now there is a “See it on Google” button which shows it on search when your business is displayed as well as in Maps.

It’s cheaper then Google Shopping because its free. Obviously it wont show where Google Shopping items are shown, but when people search your business they will see products right on the Google page. This is great to grab attention when users are still deciding who to choose.

Here is a video example for Locksmith For NYC:

See it yourself:

Locksmith For NYC

120 Riverside Blvd, New York, NY 10069, USA
+1 917-696-8842


Google products is in beta now. We have already found one bug: Client uploaded dozen of products and they all gone. Google kept only two.