Statistics to know for Online Marketing

Whether it’s your website, or online eCommerce platform of your choice, Here is everything you need to know about online marketing. See article from seoTribunal.

Here is my cents that I would add to section five.

Google Is the King

Google is the absolute king of all search engines, leaving everybody else in its wake. That’s why people carrying out SEO campaigns tend to focus primarily on Google over and above any other search engine.

However, some people prefer to focus their attention on other search engines due to there being less competition—but when you look at these stats, you may realize you’ve been missing out on a substantial part of the market. Google has around 85% of global search engine market share.

So in conclusion it ise valuable to optimize for alternative search engines with lower search engine market share like DDG(.3%) or Yahoo(3.5%), but you cant afford to neglect Google.

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