Why Amazon Best Sellers Ranking (BSR) is So Important

What is BSR?

Amazon ranks products with its Best Seller Ranking. The BSR is calculated based on which product is selling the most in the recent period. How recent? Well, pretty recent because marketing trends move quite fast these days. Amazon does take into account previous years sales but it won’t give it the same BSR credit as the new hot product in that category. Every hour the BSR is updated based on current selling trends.

Does it calculate by keyword or by category?

It calculates just by category and subcategories. However, you should keep in mind that most searches are automatically funnelled into categories.


Is it important?

Many claims that it isn’t important and sellers shouldn’t get hung up on it. Basically, it fluctuates madly over the course of a week while your actual search rank moves much slower. It is calculated differently than your organic ranking for a given SERP. This means your item can rank higher than the top BSR in that category.

How to get higher BSR?

Its all about getting a surge of a seller at one time. For the rank to be significant it needs to be better than competitors in that category. Think about how people are searching trying to buy that product. Are they going to filter by price, prime, customer review rating, or not at all.

Really, a well-performing product listing is part science and part art. We will optimize your products title, description readability, images, prices, reviews, competition, emotions and other factors like shipping.

How can we help?

Simply call the Amazon Fixer 🙂